Jaffat El Aqlam is an e-magazine that celebrates Middle Eastern artists, writers, musicians & creatives. Our goal is to be an independent publishing house that publishes work from MENA & by MENA humans who live abroad, while simultaneously creating a haven for content to be published in the world wiLD web. 

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Please read the following very carefully before submitting.

All submissions go through an editing process; submitting to Jaffat El Aqlam means you are ok with us minor editing text (typos, grammatical, spacing) & photos/traditional art (brightness & contrast). If we heavily edit or think the work(s) requires heavy editing, you will be contacted.

  • Text submissions: prose, poetry, short stories, plays, flash fiction, haikus, journal entries, fragments etc.
  • Traditional art: needs to be scanned and sent in 300 dpi resolution.
  • Digital art: needs to be in highest resolution possible.
  • Alt. art: gifs and image macros.
  • Photography: film photograph (300 dpi), smartphone and digital photography.
  • Videos: include links to videos (YouTube/Vimeo) 
  • Audio: audio files are acceptable, but if linked, make sure they are embeddable (bandcamp/soundcloud).

ACCEPTED FILE TYPES: doc, .docx, .zip, mp3, m4a, .jpg, .png & .gif.

  • Before submitting, make sure your filename reads with your name and the title of the work. “NAME_TITLE.docx”
  • Multiple files are acceptable. If they are more than 10, please compress them  (.zip) & upload. If you'd like to add a description/captions to a set of images, make sure you include it in a text file and upload it too.
Thank you,
Jaffat team.