Comfort, Friends, Identity Familiarity, Relaxation, Family, Safe Space, Privacy, Tradition, Warmth, Growth, Love, Building, Transitoriness, Possessions, Valuable Objects, Clarity, (in)Vulnerability, Security, Intimacy, Property, Institution, Destination, Residency, Territory, Realm, Source, Habitat, Haunted, Birthplace, Roots, Native Land, Homeland, Dwelling, Melancholy, Belonging


Please read the following very carefully before submitting.

All submissions go through an editing process; submitting to Jaffat El Aqlam means you are ok with us minor editing text (typos, grammatical, spacing) & photos/traditional art (brightness & contrast). If we heavily edit or think the work(s) requires heavy editing, you will be contacted.


  • Text submissions: prose, poetry, short stories, plays, flash fiction, haikus, journal entries, fragments etc.
  • Traditional art: needs to be scanned and sent in 300 dpi resolution.
  • Digital art: needs to be in highest resolution possible.
  • Alt. art: gifs and image macros.
  • Photography: film photograph (300 dpi), smartphone and digital photography.
  • Videos: include links to videos (YouTube/Vimeo) 
  • Audio: audio files are acceptable, but if linked, make sure they are embeddable (bandcamp/soundcloud).

ACCEPTED FILE TYPES:  doc, .docx, .zip, mp3, m4a, .jpg, .png & .gif.


  • Before submitting, make sure your filename reads with your name and the title of the work. “NAME_TITLE.docx”
  • Multiple files are acceptable. If they are more than 10, please compress them  (.zip) & upload. If you'd like to add a description/captions to a set of images, make sure you include it in a text file and upload it too.

Thank you,

Jaffat El Aqlam team.